The Trojan Family is Real, I Promise.

Lauren Pelo-2015 Trojan Spirit, Viterbi Summer Leave a Comment

Mid-step class, while I was going right instead of left, jumping instead of squatting, kicking instead of punching, I was spotted. Probably by everyone in the class for my lack of rhythm, but more importantly, by a USC alumna who was also taking the class. She noticed the USC shirt that I was wearing (probably second to noticing my lack of step skill), and approached me after class.

We ended up talking for half an hour about USC and career plans, and she took my email address and phone number to make sure that I was connected and involved with the USC network in the greater Seattle area. She made an extra effort to think of engineers and biomedical engineering companies in the area, and she offered to send them my information for some informational interviews.

This was the first time that I truly experienced the Trojan Family somewhere outside of USC other than the annual SCend-Off, which I later learned was at this woman’s house when I attended before my freshman year. I am so grateful to attend a school like USC where the connections truly are endless. I know that the whole pitch of the “Trojan Family” may seem overblown or even phony when you are going to different SC events before or while applying to school, but I promise it is not just a ploy to get people to apply!

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