Peer Health Educators

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Today was the last day that I held office hours this semester in the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion for Peer Health Educators. Only one person came into the office today, so it was a pretty slow end to a hectic semester.


Over the course of the semester, I had the opportunity to give five HIV Oraquick Swab Tests and hand out several hundred condoms. As a group, we improved our counseling skills with tips from the USC Counseling Services Representatives, we helped a USC alumnus spread the word about his new dating app, and we partnered with RADD to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving around campus. I’d say it was a pretty fun semester!


This semester our office moved from the old health center to the new Engemann Student Health Center. The past few months were full of moving, rearranging, and situating, but we are finally settled in to our new home!

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