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Comm443: Communicating Health Messages and Medical Issues

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My favorite class that I’m taking this semester is “Communicating Health Messages and Medical Issues.” In this class, we research and discuss the physician-patient relationship. We analyze case studies that consist of research papers, personal stories or accounts, and TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and Nurse Jackie. Our class is mainly discussion based, which is especially interesting because we …

My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms

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Freshman year, I would definitely describe my housing situation as the complete dorm experience. My dorm room had both girls and guys, it had communal bathrooms, and every room was a two-person room. Though many people feel a bit nervous or apprehensive about dorm-style living, I can honestly say that I would not have wanted my housing experience to be …


My First Project in BME 416: Regulations of Medical Devices

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For my first project in BME 416: Regulation of Medical Devices, I got to choose a specific medical device that I wanted to improve, then research existing patents to see what steps I would need to take to create my own, reinvented version of that chosen product. I chose to focus on soccer shin guards because I love soccer and …

My Own, Evolving Definition of Biomedical Engineering!

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When I was coming into USC and talking to people about what I was about to study in school, I honestly wasn’t sure how to define my chosen major – biomedical engineering. I could come up with a very vague definition of biomedical engineering, but I quickly realized this definition did not please anyone when the question of “what is …