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As I approach the final countdown til graduation and start buying my graduation stuff I though I’d give four of my favorite locations on campus. So, in no particular order, here are my best places on campus awards…

  1. After I moved off campus my sophomore year, I often found pockets of time between class open, but didn’t feel like going back to my house. So for those moments, my favorite place to head is the center of campus. My award for “Best Study (and Napping) Spot” is the campus center Trojan Family Room filled with couches and plenty of outlets.
    Trojan Family Room

    Trojan Family Room

  2. I still remember seeing campus in high school and seeing the CPK in campus center. I knew I would love it, but as a senior I still consider it my “Favorite Place to Eat on Campus.” You’ll frequently find me with a pizza, salad, or pasta studying and eating at campus center.
  3. Continuing with the food train of thought, Ground Zero, our student run coffee shop and performance café gets the award for “Best Place to Catch Up with Friends.” Ground Zero has hands down some of the best milkshakes you will ever have. Located near a lot of the freshman dorms, it’s a great place to sit down and relax between studying.
    Ground Zero Menu

    Ground Zero Menu

  4. Lastly, this warm weather has me constantly outside studying and soaking in the sun, which reminds me of my freshman year during the entire spring semester. My award for “Best Place to Enjoy The Sun” is McCarthy Quad. With people throwing Frisbees and slack lining, it’s a great place to just relax and enjoy the sun, and you still have wi-fi cause it’s on campus!



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