My Sorority’s Big/Little Reveal

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Hey everyone!

This past weekend was super exciting for me! First off, we had an amazing win against Boston College. But also, I got my Diamond Sister for my sorority! In my sorority, Diamond Sisters are our version of big and little.

Ever since getting my big sis last year, I was looking forward to getting a little sis and being able to welcome her to my sorority as well as the USC community.  However, as the school year approached I found out my sorority’s big/little reveal was scheduled at the same time as our VSA Retreat.  I knew I was going to go to the retreat, but I was slightly bummed I would have to miss the big reveal and activity that goes with it. I knew I couldn’t be in two places at once, but at that time I really wished I could.

Nevertheless, just because I missed the actual reveal didn’t mean I wasn’t going to have a great time with my new little sis after my fun retreat that day. When I got back, I threw on my costume (we wear silly, matching big and little costumes for this day) and waited for my little to get back from the reveal activity.  Once she was back, we made the most out of the situation and were able to have our own big/little reveal. I took her to meet my big and then went and grabbed dinner with her at EVK, a dining hall on campus. We both just went with the flow when we realized it wasn’t going to be the way it was supposed to, and it turned out to be a great memory for both of us!

Sunday definitely showed me that being involved in multiple activities in college isn’t easy and you have to make tradeoffs, but the way you act in these situations can make all the difference.

Till next week,


Introducing Emily to my big and my big's big.

Introducing Emily to my big and my big’s big.

Emily and me.

Emily and me.

My Diamond Sister, Emily.

My Diamond Sister, Emily.


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