Lunch with the Morks

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This past Wednesday, I had an amazing opportunity to have lunch with the USC Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John Mork, and his wife, Julie. The Morks named the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and generously fund dozens of full-tuition scholarships.  Having the chance to enjoy lunch with them reminded me of what it truly means to be a part of the Trojan Family.

You will often hear the phrase “Trojan Family” around USC, but it takes a little time to truly recognize what it means.  It really means family.  People who support and encourage you through all your endeavors, people you can always turn to, and people you can laugh with.  It is easy to recognize your peers as members of the Trojan Family, but sometimes you forget the 300,000 alumni, the admissions counselors, faculty, staff, and numerous benefactors of the University.  As a Trojan, you are lucky to have an instant connection with all these people.

As I shared lunch with the Morks, I noticed their connection to USC is more than just a name on a building; they have a high degree of involvement within the University.  In fact, John Mork was a few minutes late because he had been in a meeting with President Nikias.  Like most members of the Trojan Family, the Morks want to see students succeed and sincerely believe that in some way each of us will change the future.   The USC administration also provides a personal sense of touch.  On move-in day, President Nikias took pictures with students in my building.  And this past Wednesday, Julie Mork and I shared family stories.  My admissions counselor knows me personally and when I see her, takes the time to check-in on how I am doing.  Lastly, my academic advisors have spent hours helping me plan my schedule so I can accomplish my goals at USC.  These personal connections and a common love of USC truly makes the Trojan Family a real family.

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