Junior Year, Already?

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Hey everyone! After a great summer with #ViterbiAbroad in Rome, I am happy to be back home at USC for a great junior year!

This semester I’m excited because my classes are a lot more engineering focused and it seems like it’s going to be a little easier than some of my past semesters. I also have four-day weekends, it’s football season, and my younger sister just started at USC, so that helps too! I am taking four courses this semester. The first is a science general education course called “AIDS Drug Discovery and Development.” I’m looking forward to this class because we will be learning about cutting edge AIDS research. I am also taking a “Principles of Software Development” class where we are learning java. My other two classes are Industrial and Systems Engineering classes. The first, “Work, Technology, and Organization” is a really fun and interactive class. Rather than being lecture style, this class teaches us about organization and business principles through hands-on case studies in class. We also have a large project where we get to analyze and study the dynamics of a local company here in LA. My team is working with Metrolink! My last class is “Facilities Design.” So far we have been learning a lot about supply chains, but what’s really cool about this class is that I have the same professor I had over the summer in Rome, Professor Bottlik!

With Professor Bottlik in Pompeii!

With Professor Bottlik in Pompei!

Beyond my classes, I am thrilled to be continuing my position in Alpha Delta Pi! This is my second semester holding this position, and it has been a wonderful experience. This next week we have our first Invite of the semester, ADPis and Bow Ties, as well as our entire Chapter Retreat, which is always a fun time. We just got 75 amazing new sisters two weeks ago, so it will be nice getting to spend a whole day getting to know them.

Welcoming in my new sisters!

Welcoming in my new sisters!

VSAs at the Weekender at Stanford!

VSAs at the Weekender at Stanford!










Overall, I am very excited for the amazing semester ahead of me! Between classes, football games, and everything else, it is bound to be a great semester!





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