Can’t Believe it’s Senior Year!

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Hi everyone! I can’t believe I just started my senior year at SC! It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when I moved into Birnkrant.

The end of summer went by really fast. I wrapped up my internship with PwC and then headed to Disneyworld with the rest of the interns to celebrate our offers. I’m happy to say I will be returning next summer to intern with PwC again! After that, and a quick week back home in San Diego, I headed back up to LA for recruitment school with my sorority, which took me up til the first day of senior year!

Last first day of school (kinda)!

Last first day of school (kinda)!

This semester, I am taking 4 upper-division engineering classes. First, my senior design course where I get to consult for a company for a full year…I just found out my company for the year is Amazon! Second, Planning and Scheduling with one of my favorite professors, Professor Bottlik. Third, Enterprise Information Systems where we are learning SAP and get to play a simulation game for the second half of the semester. And lastly, I am taking my first grad school class for my Data Analytics Masters; the class is called Optimization Methods for Analytics. I’m really enjoying all of my classes so far, which is really nice.

This semester, I am also finishing up my term on my sorority’s Executive Board. I serve as the Membership Education VP, so these past few weeks have been really exciting and busy with our wonderful 80 new members. I serve alongside our New Member Coordinator to help all our new members adjust to sorority life and life at USC, as well as encourage and provide opportunities for our members to get involved in many other things on campus. It really is a rewarding experience!

Busy recruiting our wonderful new members!

Busy recruiting our wonderful new members!

As far as the rest of the semester goes, I can’t wait for the Weekender in San Francisco! It falls over Halloween weekend this year, so I just booked my hotel room by Union Square in the city. I can’t wait to road trip up with my friends and celebrate Halloween and a Trojan victory! Beyond that, I’m planning on making the most of my senior year and fingers crossed becoming PAC 12 champs this year!

After dozens of 4th quarters and late games, I finally got an I stayed til the 4th shirt!

After dozens of 4th quarters and late games, I finally got an I stayed til the 4th shirt!




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