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With only two weeks left of classes, and a little less than a month until graduation it is crazy to think that my time at USC is almost over! It felt like just yesterday I was moving into Pardee Tower for my freshmen year, and just before that I was a high schooler trying to figure out where I wanted to go to college. Now that I’m wrapping up my time at USC, I can say the reasons that I ended up applying to and eventually decided to come to USC are still my favorite things about going to school here! I truly think things happen for a reason and everything always works out the way it is supposed to me – and I think me going to USC is one of those things.

Ever since I was a little kid, I knew one of the most important things for me would be going to college out of state. Although I absolutely love Colorado, I knew I wanted to try out living in a new city and going out on a new adventure. I also think going out of state for college is a really good idea because it really teaches you to grow up and be independent! During my time in college, although it has been hard being away from my friends and family, I’ve learned many valuable lessons which have helped me to start transitioning to real adulthood – something I’m about to take on officially very soon.

It is always nice when family comes to visit!

It is always nice when family comes to visit!

Another thing I knew I wanted in a college was a place with a really strong engineering program since of course I knew I was planning on majoring in engineering and wanted a school that was known for what I was going to major in. However, I also wanted a school that did more than just engineering. I didn’t want to have to spend all of my time doing engineering things and constantly be surrounded by engineers. I had plenty of other interests and hobbies and I wanted to make sure I would be able to pursue those too!

When looking at my lists of schools, it was clear that USC was one that definitely fit my criteria. Not only was it not in Colorado and had a top rated engineering program, but it was a school with many other areas to explore – different areas of study, clubs, sports, activities, etc, and even the whole city of Los Angeles available too! After getting accepted and then visiting campus for an Explore program, I knew that USC was the school for me. Everyone I met was so genuinely excited to be at USC so it was only natural for me to get excited too! And all of the engineers I met were super nice and friendly – everything opposite of the stereotypes I had about engineers in my head. After visiting, I could really see myself fitting into the student body and being happy here!


Now reflecting on my four years here, I’m happy to say that USC is still the school I thought it was when I first visited. I’ve received an amazing education through the engineering school, but I’ve also gotten extremely involved in a wide variety of activities too that have really enhanced and completed my college experience. Through these involvements, such as ASCE and the women’s ice hockey team, I’ve met some really cool people who have become some of my closest friends! And besides school I’ve also even got to explore a new city. From trying out restaurants, going hiking, visiting museums, and hanging out at the beach I’ve gotten to really experience Los Angeles which has been quite the change compared to Colorado.


Based on my fours years here, I really can’t picture myself going anywhere else. I’m really happy I chose to go to USC! Although the college search is hard, make sure to find the school that best fits what you are looking for. And visit if you can – visiting will offer a whole new perspective on a school since you will really get to see it come to life. And if nothing else just remember that everything always works out and you will end up where you are supposed to – hopefully USC!




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