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As a civil engineering and a complete building nerd, the first thing I always notice about new place is the buildings. After visiting the campus for the first time, I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the wonderful places on campus and the rich architectural history! Even now when I bike by Bovard Auditorium,  I always find myself taking a moment to just stare because I’m still in awe of it.

It looks even better in real life!

It looks even better in real life!

However besides falling in love with all the wonderful buildings, it is important to find your favorite places around campus. Since I’m a senior, I’ve definitely know my favorite spots and have established a few homes away from home!

One of my personal favorites is RTH Cafe, which is the cafe in the building I like to call Viterbi Headquarters. The food here is delicious with everything from sandwiches to salads to indian food and even a coffee bar. I would strongly recommend the Banh Mi because it it delicious. The number I have ate is honestly absurd but they are quite tasty! There are also large wooden tables which are great for meeting with a group or grabbing lunch with friends. And since it is always so warm in Los Angeles, there is ample outdoor seating too!

A BBQ Pork Banh Mi from RTH Cafe always comes in clutch for a quick lunch! #ViterbiFood

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Another place I like hanging out is the E-Quad aka the engineering quad, which is a big open plaza near all the engineering buildings. There is a bunch of tables and chairs, grass, and a nice fountain. I love going here when I have a few minutes to kill between classes since it is a nice outdoor space with lots of sunshine. There is also a good chance you will see one of your friends that studies engineering!

People in the E-Quad!

People in the E-Quad!

Finally, the place I spend the most time by far is KAP aka Kaprielian Hall. KAP is home to the civil engineering department, so I have lots of classes in this building. This is also where all of my professors have their offices, and where my advisor has her office! And we work on the concrete canoe in the basement. A great place in KAP is the TA room which is a room with tables couches and computers. This is where civil engineering majors go to study in groups or get help from a TA. There is also free printing which is really convenient! Besides the TA room, there is also a student lounge with large tables, couches and a kitchen. This is great place to hangout with friends between classes or eat your lunch between classes!

I hope you can find your favorite spots on campus too!




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