Women’s Club Water Polo

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I’ve recently been thinking about all the good times I’ve had at USC so far and realized that many of them were spent with my water polo team. In high school I was on the swim team for four years, but never thought I’d continue to play a sport in college. However, when my older cousin told me that his one regret from college was not joining a club sport, I decided to try one. And boy, am I glad I did! Our team is perfect. The girls are so friendly and encouraging, both in the water and out. When I joined the team, I wasn’t really aware of all the rules of water polo (and frankly, I’m still not!), but the girls have really helped me get a better understanding of the game. Each person on our team is involved in her own activities, but we all enjoy getting together for practice four nights a week to get some exercise, take a study break, and have some fun!

Our team is all about fun. Our season is during the spring, and we usually go to three or four tournaments. A couple of weeks ago we had a tournament in Santa Barbara and won all of our games there! It was beautiful! I even ran into some of my old high school friends who go to school there. I’ve only recently realized how much I enjoy this activity. I’ve made some great friends, including some fantastic seniors who I will really miss next year. I get to take a study break and get some exercise at the same time. Finally, we get to travel! Mini-vacations are awesome! Especially when winning games is involved! I get to see beautiful new places and expand my horizons beyond my Orange County/Los Angeles bubble.

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