My Weekend Trip Home to Oregon for the OSU vs. USC Football Game!

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Hey guys!

I just got back from a pretty fantastic weekend trip home to Oregon! I’ve been really missing home recently, so I’d been counting down to this trip for weeks. Leaving my apartment at 4:45 am on Friday morning was rough, especially since I’m not a morning person, but it was definitely worth it. After that the trip was pretty smooth and I landed safely in Portland around 11 am. I had lunch with my dad before heading home to relax for an hour or two – then I headed down to Corvallis for the OSU vs. USC football game!

The drive to Corvallis from Portland is a couple of hours with game day traffic, but it was nice to be driving through the beautiful Oregon landscape again. I have a lot of high school friends that attend OSU, so when I reached Corvallis I met up with some friends and hung out with them for awhile. Later I headed over to Reser Stadium for the game! Reser has nothing on the Coliseum, but it was still really fun. The game was really exciting too – I’m so glad I got to go! Final score: 31-14 Trojans. I especially enjoyed sitting in the USC Alumni section. My mom also went to the game so I got to sit with her for part of the game too.

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After the game ended I headed to Eugene (which is about an hour drive from Corvallis) to spend the night at my grandparents’ house. Saturday afternoon I had lunch with some friends who go to University of Oregon in Eugene on my way back up to Portland! Then, Saturday evening I got to see one of my best friends from high school who goes to school at University of Portland. It was wonderful to see her and catch up.

Sunday I mostly hung out with my mom. We went to our favorite breakfast place called Grand Central Baking Co. and I got to eat what I firmly believe is one of the best cinnamon rolls in the world! After that I just relaxed, caught up on some sleep, and enjoyed being at home.

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While it was hard to leave home, I was also excited to come back to USC. It was great coming back to my classes, friends, and life here feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next three weeks until I head back home again for Thanksgiving. Plus, Portland is way too cold for me at this time of year – I’m definitely getting spoiled by the LA weather but no complains about that.  🙂

Until next time!


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