My Favorite Study Spots: CBTL and Cups on Figueroa

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It’s probably pretty safe to say that about 80 percent of the time I study in my apartment. This is partly because I do a majority of my studying in the evenings and I like to be able to lounge around in comfy clothes and have constant access to snack food. I also like to wear my noise-canceling headphones and listen to music when I study and they kind of make me look like a bug, so I try to avoid that in public. However, I definitely wouldn’t categorize my apartment as my favorite study spot. While I’m often very productive since it’s pretty quiet, whenever I have some time to study between classes, on weekends, or if I’m just feeling more adventurous, I head over to Figueroa.

My very favorite place to study is the courtyard of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf just south of Fig and Expo near Tuscany and the Chipotle. I think it’s really pretty there, there’s a nice fountain, it’s always quiet, and I love being outside. I also love the proximity to Chipotle. Typically when I go to CBTL I do reading for my GE or Econ classes. The biggest issue with CBTL arises when it’s too cold outside or I need my laptop. There aren’t too many outlets in the courtyard and my computer doesn’t have great battery life. Also since it’s outdoors, the weather is definitely a factor to consider. Final thing to keep in mind: the tables have slats, so if you’re doing a lot of writing by hand, you might want to bring something to write on.

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Basically, despite the fact that I love the CBTL courtyard, it definitely presents some problems too. Therefore, when a) it’s too cold or b) I need my laptop or c) both, I head to Cups which is just north of Fig and Jefferson by Gateway and CVS. This cute little USC alumni-owned coffeeshop just opened this year, but I already love it. The vibe is calm and quiet, but really laid back. It’s also indoors which means the weather and outlet-access are not an issue. Additionally Cups has coffee punch-cards which is definitely a good thing for me.

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As a matter of fact, since it was a bit chilly this week I studied at Cups a few different times. I had two midterms this week – Econ Tuesday and ISE 220 today (Wednesday). The good news is that they’re over and tomorrow is Halloween. Even better: Friday morning I’m heading home to Oregon for the USC vs. Oregon State football game Friday night! I’m seriously excited to visit home, so you can count on hearing all about it next week!

Have a good week and Beat the Beavers!



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