Juliana, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Class of 2016

 Hey! I’m Juliana, a sophomore from Portland, Oregon. I recently switched from undeclared engineering to Industrial & Systems Engineering.

I only applied to a few colleges, less than a handful even, because I did most of my narrowing down before the application process. I knew exactly what type of school I wanted from the beginning: I wanted a big research university with lots of resources and connections. I wanted a great engineering program because despite the fact that I haven’t declared a discipline, I’m committed to engineering, and I also wanted a balance between strong academics and lots of opportunities for student involvement. When it came down to my final decision, I chose USC because I loved Viterbi.

Since the very first time I visited, I’ve been so impressed by all of the programs Viterbi offers. Additionally, in Viterbi, every person I’ve met has been a brilliant engineer, but also normal, real person
that I can interact with which is really important to me. Despite their intelligence and academic or professional success, the staff and students of Viterbi have always made me feel comfortable and at home. Although Viterbi is its own college with its own resources and academic programs, it’s still definitely an important and integral part of USC, and I’ve never felt like an outcast for being an engineer. I love knowing USC engineers involved in absolutely everything from NCAA sports to community service to Greek life to intense research, and I love being a spirited member of the Trojan Family.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons I chose Viterbi, and USC in general, was that I appreciated the vibe of a school that is consistently striving to improve its already excellent resources and reputation instead of simply resting on its laurels. Both Viterbi and USC as a whole tirelessly work to improve their already wonderful programs. It definitely inspires and motivates me to work toward my full potential too. I’ve known since the first day I arrived on campus that I couldn’t have made a better decision about where to attend college.


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Research Involvement

I’m currently doing research on computational modeling of cancer cell movement. I use a program called CellProfiler to analyze cell deformation and track the movement of cells over time.[/glg_short_accordion] [/glg_short_accordion_set]

Why I Love LA
The very best thing about LA is definitely the weather. Coming from Portland, Oregon, where it rains about ten months per year, the weather was a dramatic change and I absolutely how sunny it is. Additionally, Los Angeles is huge and offers endless opportunities in entertainment, dining, and generally cool things to see and do. 

Hobbies & Interests
Doing research, hiking, exploring LA, and baking