Why I Can’t Wait for Football Season

Josue Trojan Spirit, Viterbi Life Leave a Comment

Football is easily one of the fall favorites of a USC student. If you have ever been on campus during game day, you know that this is a really big deal. The amount of pride that every single student, alumni, and faculty member has is incredible. Making the march down Trousdale behind the band was one of the best experiences I had as a freshman. After kicking the flagpole for good luck, you enter the coliseum ready to cheer for our Trojans! Whether we are winning or losing the games are crazy fun. My personal favorite is when the band plays Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and everyone in the coliseum is arm in arm swaying from side to side; everyone participates holding tight whether or not you know the person next to you. With all the tailgating, chanting, and fighting on I am ready for football



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