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Industrial and Systems Engineering
Class of ’19

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Hey everybody! I’m Jose, a junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering  with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship from Porterville, California, which is a small town in the Central Valley. On campus, I’m involved as a member of 3D4E , a 3D printing club, and the USC Boxing team. I’m also the Vice President of Chapter Relations for IISE , USC’s student chapter of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers. My faith is really important to me, so I’m really involved with the USC Caruso Catholic Center on campus! In my free time you can find me hiking in Griffith Park , beach hopping, or  continuing my quest to find the best eats in LA! Keep scrolling to check out what my #ViterbiLife is like! Fight on!

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The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers is the main organization for ISE majors, and it’s extremely valuable to become a member! As Programming Director, I plan the annual Student-Faculty Banquet, where students dress up and get to enjoy a meal with ISE Faculty. USC IISE also connects students with employers through networking events, résumé workshops, and the Annual IISE Conference.
Three nights a week, I head over to the USC Boxing Gym and train with the rest of the USC Boxing Club. The gym is open to all levels, and is co-ed. Although I’m still a beginner, I hope to compete one day and win the L.A. Collegiate Invitational!
3D4E, aka ‘3D For Everyone’, is a project based organization at USC that allows students to get more experience with 3D printing. Currently, my project group is working on 3D printed customizable eye glasses for kids that are affordable and comfortable.

My Major at USC: Industrial & Systems Engineering

My Favorite Classes
This has been one of my favorite classes at USC so far!! A requirement for the Business or Entrepreneurship minor, Professor Amini brings in guest speakers almost every week that are super interesting and come from many backgrounds in business. The class might as well be called Real Life 101, because you will learn important life skills like budgeting, how to get the best deal on a car, and how to manage your credit. 10/10 would recommend.
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    SUITS almost makes me want to go to Law school, just so I can be half as dope as Harvey Spector. And don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve wished I had Mike’s photographic memory since starting college.

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    Friends is the show that got everything right all the way down to the theme song. I’m convinced I will quote Friends til the day I die, and also Rachel Green may or may not have been my first crush.

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    My sister got me hooked on Criminal Minds, and now its become a sibling tradition to binge watch a season whenever we are home for breaks.