My #ViterbiCareer… everything from Startups to Consulting

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My #ViterbiCareer

Hey guys,

This week I wanted to write about my professional work experience here at the University of Southern California.

My freshman year summer I worked with USC Summer Conferences and stayed in the Los Angeles area; they provided free housing throughout the summer, and I was able to see how things worked in a ‘hospitality’ based industry. Last year, the same group was responsible for housing the teams competing in the 2015 Los Angeles Special Olympics, which I helped to start prepare for in years prior.

Special Olympics

Outside of working with Conferences, I was able to spend a lot of time exploring Los Angeles, riding my bike to places like the Getty Center, Getty Villa, Griffith Park, Venice Beach, and more!

My sophomore year summer I worked with a startup company called myLAB Box. The company focuses on increasing access and convenience to clinical testing by offering the option to do them at home. My role involved doing a lot of multifaceted things like competitive research, marketing, product design, and quality assurance. It was a great insight into how innovators in the entrepreneurial world function. I got the position by talking to a friend of mine who was working on a startup called TalentTrail, which connects students with internships; he invited me to apply on their beta, and I ended up being matched with myLAB!


Last summer I worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers doing technology advisory in their healthcare industry practice. I was also with some of the other VSA’s (Juliana and Lauren)! I worked for a large company in the health sector doing corporate integrity agreement compliance; my team worked on designing and implementing a dynamic database system for our client. It was one of the most fun summers I have ever had, which included travelling to places like Chicago, Boston, and Orlando for work.







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