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Hey everyone! I hope you have had enjoyable weeks. I took a week off from blogging to take a trip to Mexico for spring break and had a great time! Now that I’m back in the groove of things, I cannot believe this school year is already coming to an end, and I will be a junior before I know it. It feels like not too long ago that I was choosing which college to go to. Since many of you will be making your college decisions in the next month or so, I thought I would tell you a little bit about why I chose to come to USC.

For me, USC had been a dream school of mine since I was a little girl. My dad, Ray, graduated USC with his masters in Engineering Management in 1993. I always looked up to him and had heard his many stories about why he loved USC so much. He was a Viterbi student, a member of a fraternity, and involved in different organizations; all of which were aspects of USC that appealed to me. Beyond simply listening to my dad’s stories, I grew up attending football games and other USC events with my family. I loved the atmosphere here as I grew older, both academically and socially.

My dad, my sister and I rocking USC gear!

My dad, my sister and I rocking USC gear!

As high school was winding to an end, it became time to make my college ambitions a reality. After the tedious application process and visits, I had finally submitted all of my paperwork and waited for responses. I received several acceptance letters from schools including UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Baylor University, and University of San Diego. The last letter I received in the mail was from USC. I could not be happier when my mom told me it had arrived. Even though I felt so set on attending USC in the past, I had a difficult time deciding between Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and USC. So many different thoughts ran through my head: Do I want to stay in Los Angeles since it’s so close to home? Which school would make me the happiest? Will I be able to do more than just study? Can I be a part of Greek life? Where can I picture myself for the next four years? To gain insight into these questions, I did my research and revisited both campuses.

When I came back to USC, it just felt right. I could see myself wearing the cardinal and gold, attending classes in Viterbi. Not only did USC offer me rigorous courses, but I felt that I could really enrich all aspects of myself beyond intellect. There were a couple aspects that really stood out to me.

  1. The countless research opportunities showed me that I could have the chance to actively apply my classroom knowledge and learn about up and coming innovations.
  2. One of my main goals was getting a career I loved after college, and USC had all of the resources necessary in doing so (the career center, career fairs and events, ConnectSC and workshops).
  3. The Greek system allowed me an escape from the classroom, a place to make new friends and continue my love for philanthropy.
  4.  The countless clubs and organizations, involving anything from yoga to food to quidditch, allowed me to explore new interests.
  5. The spirited Division 1 sporting events fit my love for volleyball and football.
  6. The close proximity to the beach made all the difference because I love the weather and the ability to play beach volleyball year round.

My Sorority Sisters


In the end, USC was the right fit for me. I cannot imagine myself at any other university in the country or even in the world. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and hope to keep expanding my academic interests in the coming years here. Now that I have had the chance to join organizations and attend events, it just reassures me even more that there is nowhere like USC. Fight on!


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