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Hey! It is about that time again when all the high school seniors need to decide which college to attend in the fall. It doesn’t feel too long ago that I was making the same decision. Like everyone else, I was torn between several competitive engineering schools. In the end, I picked USC for a few main reasons. I thought I would share some of those with you! 1. Hands On Learning

When I came to visit USC, I asked about the balance between theory and hands on work in classes. I learned that starting freshman year, my classes would have lab sections allowing me to apply theory to a hands on assignment. Once I was here, I saw this for myself. For instance, in my Electrical Engineering 101 class, we made circuitry for a home alarm system and a vending machine. It is great to see your classroom lessons in a real world setting!

ee 101

My Circuit in EE 101

2. The Trojan Family

A great aspect of USC is the sense of community. For one, there is endless school spirit at all of the sporting events. The sea of cardinal and gold at football games is one of my favorite sights to see! The Trojan Family extends beyond graduation, too. The alumni network is always so helpful in making connections and finding possible job opportunities.


Football Game

 3. Diversity

USC has students from all over the world! My close group of girlfriends is a prime example of this; they are from Australia, New Jersey, California, Washington DC, and Thailand. Not only that, but we all major in different schools (Price, Viterbi, Marshall, Annenberg, and Dornsife). I love being able to learn about different cultures and subject matters! Diversity extends beyond just the people. It can be seen in the unique organizations on campus and the variety of interests.

My Best Friends

My Best Friends

4. Living in LA

Another great part of USC is its location! It is about a mile away from Downtown LA, where there are shops, restaurants, and sporting venues. It also isn’t too far from the beach, which I could not live without. I love beach volleyball and am so glad I can still drive to Manhattan Beach on the weekends to play. What makes it even better is that it isn’t too far from the snow either. I love getting away to hit the slopes with my friends or family!


Staples Center

Staples Center

5. Greek Life

When looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to join a sorority – And USC offered me that opportunity. Now that I am a member of Pi Beta Phi, I am so glad that I decided to rush. It is a great way to meet girls of all different majors and gain a sense of sisterhood. Since I am a strong believer in giving back to the community, I also love that my sorority has philanthropies each semester. We support literacy across the country!

Pi Phi Sisters

Pi Phi Sisters

These are just five of the many reasons that I chose to come to USC. Picking the right college is an individual experience with many different factors. For me, USC was the perfect fit! Good luck with your college decisions and have a great weekend! Fight on!


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