The Start of Junior Year

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Hi everyone! I hope you have had a great start to the week. I am officially out of summer mode and back into the swing of things here at USC. I am jumping right back into the organizations I was previously involved in and starting out in my new classes. Here is a little overview of what this coming semester is looking like for me.

First off, I am excited to be enrolled in four ISE classes to give me a better understanding of this major. I am gaining experience in many different facets of Industrial Engineering. My 460 class is titled Engineering Economy which finds a crossroads between engineering and economics. The teacher is very dedicated to making it clear to students how relevant and applicable the material is to everyday life and future careers. I also am taking ISE 370 which is Human Factors in Work Design. I am looking forward to the many design projects and guest speakers my teacher has in store for us. My other two classes, Operations Research and Engineering Statistics, have a heavy focus on mathematics. I am interested to see how to apply these to my degree. While learning all of these great skills, I also am taking Writing 340 for engineering students. This will help me communicate my ideas more clearly, both in an oral and written sense.

Outside of the classroom, I am continuing my involvement with ACTIVE, Achieving Change through Inspiring Values and Education. I am looking forward to getting to know the new students I will be working with this semester. I also signed up for the Viterbi-Student Alumni Mentorship Program. I had such a great experience with my mentor last year and am anxious to see who I am paired up with this time. I also am looking to start two new activities. One of these is an organization called the USC Institute of Industrial Engineers. This will give me a great way to find networking events and training opportunities in ISE. Next week, I am beginning research with Professor Gil in the Marina. I am working on a project involving big data translation.


I additionally am continuing my involvement in my social sorority, Pi Beta Phi. Formal recruitment just ended, and we welcomed 76 new members to our chapter. I am looking forward to the many sisterhood and philanthropic events that are fast approaching.

Pi Phi Bid Night!

Pi Phi Bid Night!

Well that’s a quick overview of what my semester has in store for me. Make sure to check back on my profile for more updates of my semester. Now I’m off to San Francisco to watch our football team take on the Stanford Cardinals. Fight on!




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