My Favorite Weekend at USC: Parent’s Weekend

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had great Halloweens! Just two weekends ago was my favorite event of all year at USC: Parent’s Weekend! This is the weekend when all of the students’ families come to visit and check out the campus and attend a football game. I’ll tell you a little bit about why I love this weekend so much!

Every year, I get so excited for Parents’ Weekend for a couple of reasons. For one, I get to see my family which brightens up my whole day. Another reason is that I am able to meet all of my friends’ parents which is fun since they are from all over. I have friends from New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and so many other states! On Friday this year, my three roommates and I planned a dinner at Soleto, a restaurant downtown, for our families. We had such a great time bonding and eating delicious food. The environment was neat with a beautiful lit patio and urban décor inside. Hearing about everyone’s occupations was really interesting, too. One of my friend’s dads was a diplomat and shared many stories about his experiences.  I really loved seeing how diverse all of our families were.

Pi Beta Phi Tailgate

Pi Beta Phi Tailgate

The next morning we all gathered at the Pi Beta Phi tailgate which was hosted at our sorority house. They hired a burger and pie company to cater the event, and it was so yummy! This was a great way to enjoy a delicious meal and meet many other girls’ parents. Following this, I brought my dad to a fraternity house that he used to live in on campus. He loved being able to see his old room and talk to some of the new members of his house. I love having the connection of attending the same university as my dad! Talk about the Trojan Family!

My Pi Phi Sisters on Gameday

My Pi Phi Sisters on Game Day


It was then time to head to the Coliseum. Instead of sitting in the student section, I was able to enjoy the game sitting with my parents and my sister. It was nice that even though my sister attended the University of Arizona, she represented her USC gear for this game! We had such a great time rooting on the team all four quarters. USC’s victory was an exciting end to a fantastic weekend!

Parent Football Game

Football Game with My Parents

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my favorite weekend of the year! Be sure to check out my blogs every week to hear about other fun aspects of my experience at USC! Have a safe weekend. Fight On.



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