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Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I have had quite the full week with career events and class assignments, but now it’s time to quick back and relax a little bit. I thought I would take a minute to give you all an idea about what Industrial and Systems Engineering is all about and why I love it!

For me, Industrial and Systems Engineering is still a new adventure. This is my first semester within the major and I am already loving it. I am currently enrolled in ISE 220 which deals with probability and statistics. My teacher is very passionate about the material and always available for extra help in his office. I have also formed a study group with fellow ISE majors, which makes the class even more engaging. I additionally am enrolled in Economics 203 and Accounting 410 to help prepare me with some of the business knowledge that goes along with this major. It is refreshing to take classes such as these with a mix of different majors at USC.

Before I began taking courses in this major, I worked an internship in the Operational Excellence Department at Providence Medical Center. This was a great way for me to gain some insight on one application of an ISE degree. I worked on process improvement projects under the instruction of the hospital’s Master Black Belt. I also underwent a 2-day lean, six sigma training seminar, where I learned different methods to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. I then was able to apply these tactics to different departments in the hospital as I collected and analyzed data. This is just one way I have personally experienced ISE in the real world!

Providence Interns

Providence Interns

I hope my small snippet on Industrial and Systems Engineering has given you a better idea of what ISE majors are up to. I’ll keep posting about different classes and experiences I have throughout my time at USC, so feel free to check back on my blog! Have a wonderful and safe weekend! Fight on!


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