My Favorite Place in LA: Manhattan Beach

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Hey guys! Another week gone by just like that! The beautiful weather for the last few weeks has reminded me how lucky I am to be in LA! On the weekends I have been sneaking away from campus and heading to a beach city called Manhattan Beach. I love the environment near the pier and wanted to tell you a little bit about my adventures here!

Growing up in LA, I have been visiting Manhattan Beach since I was a little girl. I love it here! Some of my favorite memories here revolve around my involvement playing beach volleyball. In high school, we would often have weekend practice on the Manhattan Beach volleyball courts. It was so much fun playing in a new environment and bonding in the water after practice. I also participated in several beach volleyball tournaments here with my teammate, Marisa. We had a blast playing against all ages and soaking up the sun. Another volleyball event that happens at Manhattan Beach is called Six Man. This is an amateur volleyball tournament where many talented players from all over LA come to play each other. It is a lot of fun to see the team costumes they pick out. One year a whole team even dressed up as oompa loompas…It was quite a sight to see!

Marisa and I

Marisa and I

Another reason that I love Manhattan Beach is the collection of clothing boutiques and delicious restaurants that lies right up the hill from the pier. From ice cream shops to bathing suit shops, there is a multitude of places to explore. My favorite out of all of these places is called Mama D’s, a delicious Italian restaurant. Nothing beats their garlic knots and spaghetti! Another fun fact is that there is a restaurant called Lemonade in this little city. We have the same restaurant in the Campus Center at USC!

Mama D's!

Mama D’s!

I also annually visit Manhattan Beach during the day of the Fourth of July. It is a lot of fun to wear red, white, and blue and walk the boardwalk. There is yummy food and lots of people playing in the ocean. It is a great day to enjoy the sun and hang out with friends! I cannot wait for July 4th this coming year so my friends and I can go to Manhattan and celebrate!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Well there you have my favorite place in LA in a nut shell! Manhattan Beach is a great getaway from studies and doesn’t lie too far away from campus. If you are ever in LA, be sure to check it out! You won’t be disappointed! That’s all I have for you this week. Have a safe weekend and fight on!


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