A Great Venue on Campus: Tommy’s Place

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Hey! I hope you all are doing well today! I have had quite the busy week, but I didn’t fail to get a little bit of fun in there too! Last Friday, one of my sorority sisters, Kiki, guest performed at a venue on campus. My friends and I all went to support her and we had such a great time. I thought I’d tell you a little about the performance and the venue, Tommy’s Place, which is right on campus.

During my freshman orientation, all of the new students were taken to a venue called Tommy’s Place to dance and watch a performer. I had so much fun that night with all of my new classmates but hadn’t been back to that spot until this year! My friend, Kiki, is a phenomenal singer and songwriter. At my sorority, we always ask her to bring her guitar and sing because we all enjoy it so much. She gives me goose bumps every time she sings. Last week she told me that she was going to be guest performing in a performance at Tommy’s Place. I had gone to her solo performance earlier this year at the same location and loved it! I couldn’t miss this one either!

tommy's place

The Neighbors

I told my roommates about it and they were all just as excited as I was to go and see her. On Friday, we got ready together and headed over to Tommy’s Place. When we got there, they were just setting up. Kiki was going to be performing with a two-man group called The Neighbors. These two boys are some of our good friends, and they have amazing talent too! The Neighbors started their set with a new original song and everyone was already so into it. They really have a gift of engaging the audience and making everyone feel the music with them. After a couple of their own songs, they called Kiki on stage to sing with them. They sang two covers and their harmonies were amazing. Everyone went crazy for Kiki’s voice, including myself. The three of them put on such an entertaining show, and there was a great turn out too! Make sure to check Kiki out on YouTube! 

Kiki and The Neighbors

Kiki and The Neighbors


Beyond the amazing music at Tommy’s Place, I love this venue because it is such an intimate setting. There are little round tables by the stage so you can socialize and relax. They even serve delicious dinner there. If you ever go, you will have to try the chicken wings. They are delicious! Another fun aspect of Tommy’s Place is the pool tables. Everyone can go shoot some pool and have fun with friends while watching a sporting event on the several TVs. It really offers a cool location to hang out with your friends and enjoy some great music provided by USC students.

Tommy's Place

Tommy’s Place

I hope to go to Tommy’s Place again this year and hear more students perform. Well that is all I have for this week. Have a fun and safe weekend! Fight on!


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