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Howdy everyone,

Well it’s February now, and the semester is plugging along. So far it’s been raining way more than we’re used to out here, but it’s not too bad. Some people aren’t a fan and miss the sunshine, but I think it’s a nice change of pace – it keeps us locals on our toes! Aside from staying dry, I’ve had a good amount of work so far, but I’ve been able to balance that out with enjoying myself, getting to go to movies, sport games, concerts, and the like.

Rise Against, Weezer, Twenty One Pilots, Muse, and the Killers – went for one band, enjoyed them all!

Before I know it, it’ll be Spring Break, and I’ll have some time off working for a while. I’m currently trying to figure out exactly what I’ll be doing over break, but regardless of where I end up, just being able to relax is the most important part. But until then, it’s onward with the semester! My classes are all interesting so far, which is nice; there isn’t a single class this semester I don’t at least find somewhat enjoyable. While my engineering coursework is fascinating and important, one class I’m enjoying a surprising amount is one of my GE’s – philosophy.

Before enrolling in this course, I was a bit wary. Philosophy isn’t something I’ve studied much before, so I’d be trying something completely new. I also had some concerns about the amount of reading (or more importantly, how understandable the reading is), or whether I’d be able to wrap my mind around the grand scope of the ideas being discussed. Lucky for me, this wasn’t the case at all. I’m fortunate enough to have a professor who is able to explain the most complicated of concepts in the simplest of terms, while still hitting all they key points. The reading isn’t too demanding, but rather, is actually enjoyable, because it’s teaching me wisdom and skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Being able to think through complicated theories given a set of premises is a skill of great importance to engineers, but this class is increasing my ability to apply these skills to argument, judgments, and every aspect of life.

Philosophy and Ice Cream – just the way Descartes would’ve wanted it.

So I guess that’s my takeaway from all this. Engineering classes are important, and enjoyable, and will stick with you for years to come. However, your GE’s don’t need to be a burden. Once in a while, every engineer needs a break from solving differential equations and analyzing process diagrams. If you choose your GE’s wisely, you’ll get a chance to learn about diverse fields that truly interest you, and take classes you otherwise may not get the chance to – and those courses will stay with you just as long as your engineering ones.

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