And We’re Back!

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And we’re back! After a summer full of classes and research that flew by, we’ve finally started up school again, and it’s time for another great semester here at USC. While it was definitely sad to be leaving again, I’m so excited to see what this year holds!

Somebody wasn’t ready for me to leave

I’m once again living in the USC Village this year, after having a wonderful experience there my freshman year. Sharing an apartment with five of my freshman-year buddies has been a great decision. Throughout the first few weeks, we’ve all been working together to look after ourselves, get used to one another’s schedules, keep the place clean, and – most importantly – cook our own meals. Slowly but surely, we’re getting the hang of this whole “adulting” thing.

It’s not hard to tell where the engineers live

This semester, I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to take some upper-division classes, including my Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Analytical Chemistry, and Applied Statistics and Probability courses. These are all classes fundamental to my degree, so I’m thrilled to be able to take some authentic engineering coursework that will be important throughout my education and career. I’m also already starting to see these classes clearly build upon concepts learned in prior courses, so it’s exciting to see everything coming together so clearly.

In addition to classes, I’m also going to be continuing my extracurricular work with several different groups I first became involved with during my freshman year. By being active as soon as I came to USC, and continuing to do so throughout my first year, I was afforded the opportunity to rise within several groups, and be trusted with more important and independent work. For example, in AIChE (USC’s Chemical Engineering professional organization), I now hold the office of Academic Committee member, through which I plan academic-oriented events for Chem-E’s to participate in. So far, it has been immensely fulfilling to be part of the group that puts on such diverse activities ranging from biweekly Study Nights to Coffee with Professors to Research Panels, and I’m very excited to continue working throughout the semester to give students the opportunity to network and learn more about their major and their professors.

All the bright-eyed Chem-E’s at our first AIChE General Meeting of the semester!

All in all, it’s definitely going to be another great semester at here at USC Viterbi. Classes are interesting, clubs are exciting, and there’s always something fun happening on campus or in the city! But what I’m definitely most excited for is my first full semester as a Viterbi Student Ambassador, and having the opportunity to showcase what a Viterbi Life is like. So until next time everyone, welcome back, and Fight On!

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