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Howdy everyone, and welcome back! Hope your past few months were full of fun and plenty of rest. This summer I had the opportunity to intern with California Resources Corporation, where I was working as a Facilities Engineering Intern at Elk Hills near Bakersfield, California, which was a great experience that let me see the field on a daily basis. I  to work with complex gas plants, water treatment processes, membrane units, and the utility steam system, all of which are integral to the various gas processing, separation, and treatment processes at the Hill. My chemical engineering classes certainly came in handy, especially our courses in separations, thermo, and fluid mechanics, but what I found really interesting was the interdisciplinary nature of facilities work. I got to work with folks from all backgrounds, including chemical, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering, as well as health/environmental personnel and accountants, which taught me a lot about industry, where all the majors intersect one another.

We’re all Smiles and Safety Glasses Here!

I also got the chance to travel during the summer. Bakersfield was pretty nice (surprisingly), and had some great museums and scenery. I also got to visit Sequoia during 4th of July weekend, and spend some time in Ensenada, Mexico with my family before school started up again. I even spent some time with the chem-e squad in Malibu this summer, where I was judged for being the one brave enough to swim in jeans.

Ensenada Blue skies, and Bluer Seas

All said, this summer was a great one. I loved getting my first glimpse at what a future career as an engineer may look like, and apply what I’m learning in school in a manner that has a very real, tangible impact. I’m excited to be back on campus and see old and new faces, and start off another great year of the college journey!
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Jacob is a junior studying Chemical Engineering, with an emphasis in Sustainable Energy. He loves music, movies, and mass balances. Click above to find out more!

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