minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week is recommended

We love to stay active.  From beginner to Varsity, there are sports teams for all levels.  Whether you’re looking to form your own team with friends and play informal scrimmages or trying out and competing against other schools, there’s a team for you.  It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends and stay healthy!

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Recruited athletes playing at the Varsity level are extremely passionate about their sport and often devote a significant amount of time to practice and competitions.  More information about the athletic department can be found here.
Club Teams are designed for amateur athletes who enjoy intercollegiate athletic competition and are organized in tiers based on size, budget and competitive level. Club sports meet for regular practices during the week and competitive clubs hold games and matches against students from other universities.
Intramural sports promote physical fitness, competition, social interaction, and student involvement.  Both group and individual sign-ups are accepted regardless of skill level. Tournaments and leagues are open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni.
The various USC Spirit Groups symbolize USC’s proud tradition of school spirit and athletic excellence. The men and women of the Song Girls and Spirit Leaders are energetic, athletic, and enthusiastic students who proudly represent the University of Southern California.
Surfing, sailing, volleyball — you name it.  Interested in playing a sport but never touched a ball in your life? There are lists of physical education classes open to students to take.  One our personal favorites is ballroom dancing!
Hundreds of student orgs involve physical activity also. Whether it be one of the many dance student run groups or a yoga club, there are a lot of athletic student orgs.  These student orgs completely run for and by students are a great way to enjoy your favorite sport and activity at the pace and timing of your choice.
Sometimes we just want to play racket ball once or give badminton a shot.  At USC, it’s easy! With the Lyon Center (fitness center), track, soccer field, tennis courts, basketball courts and other facilities, it’s easy to grab a friend and spontaneously play when you get the chance.

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