Some Options

Looking for a 6 to 8 other suite mates and a bathroom you don’t have to share with your whole floor? Equipped with a mini-fridge and microwave right in your room and air-condition, suite style might be for you. Check out the options below!

A Quick Overview

Read below for some quick facts and tips

“I lived in Parkside my freshman year and I loved the suite-style rooms. I loved having my own kitchen and living right above Parkside dining hall!”Bria

Some of the Freshman options for housing, like Fluor Tower, are located right next to the Lyon Center (our campus gym). The Lyon Center is a frequent stop for most Trojans!

Cafe 84 and Parkside dining halls, favorites for dining options, are located near the suite-style buildings!

“My favorite dining hall by far is Cafe 84. Located right next to Fluor Tower and the gym, it is a great place to stop by after a work out at the Lyon Center!”Alex B.

Read about our Suite experiences

We have so many memories from living in the suites that we want to share with you.  Join us as we recall our housing experiences which include everything from events planned by the residential advisor (RA) to faculty master dinners and guest speakers.  Check out the details of the freshman suites we’ve lived in below.