Some Options:

Looking for a kitchen and living room? Equipped with a full fridge, stove, oven and storage space along with a living room area with a couch and coffee table, apartment style might be for you. Check out the different options below!

A Quick Overview

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I loved living in Troy because of how close I was to campus and being able to meet all the cool people that lived there!Lea, Class of 2017

The apartment options at USC have awesome amenities like study rooms, work out areas, and pools!

Students love how the apartment complexes are so close to campus!

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Apartment is a popular choice that we’ve chosen, especially as upperclassman.  From fully furnished to getting to go house shopping and decorating, we’ve had a great time living in a variety of different of apartments.  Check out some of the photos below to get a better idea of where we’ve lived and our experiences with apartments!