Wicked & AIChE

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A quick recap on last week’s post: Wicked was amazing! The Pantages is absolutely a fantastic theater and worth spending time to explore itself.  The cast was unbelievable.  During their standing ovation, I could clearly see their passion for broadway and that they really enjoyed putting on a great show.  I couldn’t stop singing the songs afterwards on the way back.  I’m so glad TSS put on the event for us to go see; would not have missed it for the world.

In other event news: this past week was AIChE’s first professional event of the semester!  A huge success, we had an info session with SoCal Gas.  There was a huge turnout and the pizza was all finished at the end! The recruiters were extremely informative and engaging at offering to answer people’s questions one on one and take their resumes.


With students starting to plan their summers, info sessions like these are popular!  Next week we’ll be hosting another one with Fluor.


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