Summer Recap: Chevron Internship

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This summer flew by but I’m so excited to kick off my junior year!  I can’t wait to start this year’s classes after having seen how the material from my other classes applied to my internship this summer.

My internship at Chevron was definitely one of the most memorable fun experiences I’ve had.  As a reservoir engineer in Bakersfield for the Elk Hills field, I learned so much about petroleum engineering and how I could apply many of the skills I’ve learned from chemical engineering.  The ultimate goal was to essentially predict reserves and performances for well proposals.  Through problem solving, critical thinking and collaborating with the rest of my team, we analysed the data for patterns so that we could characterize the reservoir.

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In addition to the work, I really enjoyed getting to know not only my co-workers but also the other interns.  Each week, we made a short weekend trip all around California.  From camping (for the first time) in Yosemite and hiking in Mt. Pinos to lying on the beach in Laguna and San Luis Obispo to shopping and sight seeing in San Francisco, we formed close friendships and got to explore cities and towns I’ve never been to!

During the week, we also discovered the charms of Bakersfield: ice cream at Dewar’s, lunch at Moo Creamery and sunset at Panama Drive.  Often the other interns and I went out to eat after work and even got to visit the local museum and even learn how to two step!

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The summer was definitely packed with adventures and fun and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for this fall semester!




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