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Some of my fondest memories in my Viterbi Life fall under the categories: food, labs and travels.

  1. Whether it’s cooking at home or going out to eat, one of my favorite pastimes at SC has been getting something to eat.  With hundreds of restaurants super close by and easy to get to, I’ve never had a hungry moment.  Sometimes with friends, we’ll get together and just cook.  From french toast to baking, it’s a great way to relax.

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  1. One of the highlights of the classes I’ve taken have been the lab periods in which we get to apply the theory we learned in class to real life applications and simulations.  Another big part of the labs has been getting to know my lab group who have also become some of my closest friends.  While the labs may be difficult and time consuming, more heads are better than one and with my lab group we eventually get everything done!



  1. There have been many breaks and I strive to take each one and explore some place new. One of the coolest parts of California or the west coast compared to the northeast are all the national parks and the rocky mountains.  From hiking in snow to walking through the desert, the scenery out here is absolutely sublime.  I’ve even got to explore skiing and sailing while out here. These are definitely some of my fondest memories.





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