Happy Chinese New Year: Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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It’s the year of the horse and while I may be away from family, USC has a bunch of activities that reel in the festivities of the lunar new year.

Just this morning I headed into Chinatown and had dim sum for lunch at the Golden Dragon.  The small dishes were absolutely delicious, reaching the perfect combination of flavors.  One of the most important things of Chinese New Year is to start the year happily with friends, family and of course good food.  Easy to get to Chinatown is just a short drive or bus ride away.

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But there are also many other restaurants around the area well prepared to fulfill your Chinese New Year meal such as The New Moon, in Downtown, which serves traditional Chinese dishes.  Otherwise it’s easy to prepare some simple entree’s or desserts at home!  It’s popular to eat long noodles with soup and dumplings are a favorite.  Dumplings simply require dumpling dough (sold at most supermarkets), celery, pork (if you want some sort of meat), and green onions.  The last three are used as the filling and the dumplings can be served boiled or fried and flavored with soy sauce.

Other events that took place last night included CASA’s (Chinese American Student Association) gathering to Underworld’s 12th Annual Lunar New Year Bash in Hollywood and TAO’s (Taiwanese American Organization) Lunar New Year Hotpot at a popular hotpot spot nearby.  The residential advisers of some University Housing had also arranged trips to visit Chinatown and have a good Chinese meal with friends.

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