Chemical Engineering Lab

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Spring semester junior year for ChemE’s generally means it’s Lab time.  One of the most crucial classes is CHE 444a.  An opportunity to real life lab applications and skills the whole class is hands on.  Each week we perform one of the labs and then subsquently write a report.  We work in groups and learn to not only master the skills individually but also work as a team to finish and analyze the data in an efficient manner.

Lab topics include Corrosion, Kinetics, Mass transfer diffusivity etc.  All the theory behind these topics have been covered in other CHE classes so really the cool thing about 444a is that it’s an accumulation of everything we’ve learned and are going to learn applied to a lab setting so we get to see how everything is tied together and not just an equation in a textbook.

Labs can be long and tiring but having a good group helps!  I’ll be off with my group writing this weeks lab report soon.

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