Chemical Engineering
Class of 2016
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Also known as AIChE, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a professional organization that allows ChemE’s to explore the opportunities available after graduation and to meet new professionals, students and professors related to the industry.

I draw for the Daily Trojan, our University Newspaper.  I get to work with writers and get my art pieces published. Check out some of my art on the Daily Trojan website!

The Asian American Tutorial Project is a community service organization in which we go to Chinatown each weekend to tutor at the local elementary school Castellar. Other tutors from UCLA and Occidental also come to help and as social events we all get dim sum together!

Hi! M name’s Hannah and I’m majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Consumer Behavior.  My minor really lets me to learn about the psychology and design behind advertisements and connecting with the customer.  I’ve gotten to take classes in the Marshall School of Business and the Annenberg School of Communication which have allowed me to meet the lead graphic designer of YouTube and the Manager of Media Arts Lab who holds the Apple account.  The classes are super interesting and fun and allow me to apply a new set of skills to my student orgs and experiences I’ve had over the summer!

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