Writer. Researcher. Chemical Engineer!

Hannah, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2016

Hello! My name’s Hannah and I’m  majoring in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis on nanotechnology. I also have a minor in Consumer Behavior. I spent two
years living in Shanghai, China but I grew up on the east coast in
the town of Cherry Hill, NJ, just 15 minutes outside Philly and a two
hour drive from NYC.

Walking onto campus for the first time was like entering Disneyland (which happens to be 30mins away). Not only was it the happiest place on earth, but I felt an immediate sense of family, aspiration and accomplishment. Everywhere, spirited Trojans of all majors were sporting USC gear, creating an enriching environment that nourishes both academic and social pursuits. Competition exists but it’s one that pushes for achievement. Whether on game day or exam day, every student is always eager to face a myriad of challenges: from academics to athletics to the arts to community service!

I’ve had the chance to dive into several of these diverse opportunities. On a typical day, I can say I’ve gone from playing tennis to attending an American Institute of Chemical Engineers meeting as its Conference Coordinator. I design advertisements for the Public Relations Committee of Program Board and have my own feature column of standalone illustrations that depict current events on USC’s online newspaper Neon Tommy. I work in a lab with Merit Research studying the effects of genes on aging and on Saturdays, I volunteer as an English tutor for 4th graders in Chinatown through the Asian American Tutorial Project. I love to explore LA and hit downtown, the beach or the slopes of Big Bear—after all they’re just a tap card or drive away! Los Angeles is nothing like where I’ve lived before, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. USC not only pushes me to improve myself but also provides a lot of support through the Trojan family. Hear it from others by definitely checking out the Viterbi Voices blog for more perspectives. If you’re interested in any of these organizations, have any questions or just want to talk, tweet/email me!


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About Me
Research Involvement

I study drosophila for the regulation of somatic stem cell aging and analysis of gene expression in response to stress in the usc tower lab

Research Experience
Engineering intern at Höganäs Corporation, studying the water atomization process in the production of iron powder. Heading to head quarters this summer to work on the Metal Injection Molding Project in Sweden 

Why I Love LA
Snow/beach/city/mountains all in the same place! Not only are the activities countless but there’s mouth watering food everywhere. Affordable and accessible!  

Hobbies & Interests
Tennis & Skiing | The New Yorker & Archie Comics | Hepburn & Hitchcock films | Drawing & Short Stories | Cities & Languages | Desserts & Blueberries! (Jersey’s own state fruit)