Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology)
Class of 2016
Cherry Hill, NJ
I’ve had the opportunity to write my own opinion column for the online newspaper here! I take interesting things in the news and share my views on it.  It’s so relaxed and open minded- great balance with chemical engineering!
Every Saturday morning I look forward to getting up at nine in the morning and heading to Denny’s—sometimes to get breakfast—but always to meet with the Asian American Tutorial Project  (AATP).  I love volunteering with students in chinatown and sharing my experiences.  It’s been a great way to give back!
This summer I interned at Chevron as a field engineer! Being stationed in Bakersfield I learned so much about petroleum engineering and really got a taste for what a future would be in this.  Getting to know all the other interns was also amazing!

Hey everyone!  My name is Hannah Luk and I am majoring in Chemical Engineering, with an emphasis on nanotechnology, and a minor in Consumer Behavior, and I’m originally from the town of Cherry Hill, NJ.  I love USC because I have the opportunity to explore all of my interests, including serving on the executive board for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, acting as the Marketing Director of Program Board, and even drawing my own cartoon for Neon Tommy, the online newspaper! I’ve also had the opportunity to tutor students through the Asian American Tutorial Project, and this summer I interned in Bakersfield at Chevron as a field engineer!

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HannahHannah, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2016

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