My Freshman Dorm: Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College UPDATE

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I had a great living experience my freshmen year that I still reminisce about all the time.  I lived in Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College, which is located in the southwest corner of campus.  It was the perfect place for me and I was very lucky to get the roommates I did.

Looking back now, my favorite memory from freshmen year was watching the Super Bowl with my suite mates.  We got a ton of food and all cramped into one room and watched the game on my suite mate’s TV.  Suite living was a really positive experience for me, and I highly suggest considering it when looking at housing options for your freshmen year.

You can read more about my freshmen housing experience here.  Even though I enjoy living off-campus now in an apartment, I really loved living on-campus freshmen year and I have met some great people that I still keep in contact with.


My humble abode!

Parkside Lawn

Parkside Lawn


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