Hardest Class vs. Favorite Class

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So I wish I could take a class like underwater basket weaving of swing dancing and tell you about my crazy fun experiences with that.  However, as an engineer, I am spending my semester in science and engineering classes, so I will tell you about my fun experiences in those classes too!  I would probably have to say that my PHYS 152 class is the one I am enjoying most right now.  The class is focused on the concepts of electricity and magnetism.  I actually find that really interesting and enjoy learning about electric circuits and how the different components involved.  I was that nerdy kid in junior high with an electronic board of simple circuit set-ups….  And it does really add to the class when you have a professor as interesting and dynamic as Stephen Haas.  He is really funny and entertaining and tries to show us the concepts we are discussing by doing demonstrations during class.

Also, he likes to make jokes and is easy-going.  But most importantly, he is very effective and relating the material to us.


Thinking about my hardest class is difficult, because all my classes are tough, but I would have to say that the most difficult one is my CHE 330 class.  It is a chemical engineering class based around thermodynamics.  I actually find the material interesting, realizing how much my interest in alternative energy is directly relevant to the content in class, but it is just very difficult to internalize.  This is because to succeed in this class, you have to be able to understand the process of complicated problem solving and be able to be given a somewhat real-life situation and be able to identify the thermodynamic processes involved and identify what equations to use and then solve the problem.  It is a long process but I know that continuing to practice it and staying on top of the homework is beneficial.  Especially because the engineering classes in the future build upon these concepts!!

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