Getting my Hands Dirty (in Latex Gloves) in my CHE 444 Laboratory Class

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This semester, I am taking a class called CHE 444AL – Chemical Engineering Laboratory. This is the first real laboratory class I have taken where I am DOING chemical engineering, instead of listening about chemical engineering. I have really enjoyed the class so far, and it is very interesting to apply the concepts from the various classes I have taken so far in order to analyze the results of each experiment.

This week, we performed an experiment in which we analyzed the flow rate of water through different kinds of flow meters. To determine the flow rates through the different flow meters, manometers were placed at the inlet and outlet of the flow meters. This experiment was interesting because we got to see how the flow rates vary through different flow meters. I shot a vine video, but for some reason, it got deleted randomly. Therefore, I am going to submit a video of the lab I will be doing next week asap. For now, here’s a photo of the machine that we used to perform the experiment.


Other experiments that I have done include doing a lab on corrosion. A potential difference was induced in concentrated HCl, an iron sample was placed in the solution. Then, the rate of corrosion was determined as a function of the current in solution. That lab was interesting because we focused a camera on the front plane of the iron sample and the corrosion of the surface could be observed.


This class is really interesting, and it is a great break from being in the classroom. A lecture setting is important and valuable, but I don’t enjoy sitting down for long periods of time, and I enjoy doing stuff with my hands. I look forward to the labs that we will be doing for the rest of the semester, and in the “B” part of this class next fall.

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