My Spring Semester at a Glance

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This is my last semester of college, and it’s looking like I’ll be going out with a proverbial bang. I’m taking 4 classes to wrap up my degree in biomedical engineering (emphasis electrical). MATH445 Mathematics of Physics and Engineering II, ISE460 Engineering Economy, EE357 Basic Organization of Computer Systems, and BME405 Senior Design Project. My favorite courses thus far have been ISE460 which provides an in depth look at business analytics through the eyes of an engineer and BME405 which is centered around one large semester-long project to develop a device with medical applications.

Besides class, I’m trying to take advantage of my last opportunity to explore the city of Los Angeles before I graduate. I’ve taken to running through Downtown LA (it’s about a 2 mile run to get there from campus—great exercise). I’ve also made a pact with my friends to eat out more often: you can check out my reviews on my Yelp page. At the end of it all, I’m trying to spend time with the people I love at USC, forge tremendous memories, and celebrate our accomplishments. Here’s to the class of 2013.

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