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I’ve already written about my (incredible) freshman housing experience in the New/North dorms here. I’m going to use this post to talk about where I lived during my other 3 years at USC.

My sophomore year, I lived in Century Apartments. Century is located across the street from the North side of campus and is University-owned. I lived with 3 other friends in a 2 bed 1 bath unit, with a living room and a kitchenette. I loved Century’s location, air-conditioning, and affordability. Century also had a pool which I was keen to lay out by on hot Los Angeles days.

My junior year, I lived in an independently-owned house on Orchard Avenue, roughly 3 blocks north of campus. The lived with 5 other friends in a 6 bedroom 2 bath house. Living at Orchard was a blast. I enjoyed the privacy of my own room as well as the privacy of being away from campus (we furnished our backyard with a trampoline.) The best part about living in a larger house was that we quickly found that our friends gravitated towards us when they wanted to gather. It was my most social living experience.

My senior year, I’m living in an independently-owned condo in Olympic Village, roughly 3 blocks north of campus. I live with 3 other friends in a 4 bed 1 bath unit. Olympic Village is the best place I’ve lived outside of New/North. Most of the students living here are upperclassmen, and the gated community has a great atmosphere.

My desk space in Olympic Village.

My desk space in Olympic Village.

I can’t tell if I’ve gotten lucky or I’m a savvy consumer, but I’ve enjoyed everywhere I’ve lived since my first day at SC.

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