Closing Out the Fall Semester!

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Hey Everyone, It’s almost that time! Finals are fast approaching and the semester is almost over. One more week separates us here at USC from stop days, then finals, and I’ve got to say, I’m going to be relieved when it’s all over. Fortunately this past week was a nice break, being able to go home to Sacramento for Thanksgiving, …

My brother and I

Storming the Field!

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Hey guys! So as we all know, USC football has been through a lot this season! But one thing will always hold true: Trojans keep on fighting on. Coach O took over the program with a thunderous roar (or bark), and since the Notre Dame game it’s been an entirely different football team that has taken the field, compared to …

A throwback to Korean BBQ in Korea!

A Much Needed Break!

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Hey Everyone! This past week marked the end of my first set of midterms after I turned in a take home matlab programming midterm and took a Materials Science midterm. I think they both went pretty well, and this weekend I was able to finally settle down and relax!

Meeting Dr. Watson

A Night with Martin Short, Randy Newman, and the USC Norris Cancer Team

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Hey everyone! Despite being in the middle of midterm season, I was able to escape the work Friday night to go to an event for the USC Norris Cancer Research Team with a couple friends. Tons of big names from the healthcare field were there, and many donors to the university, including Ming Hsieh, for whom our electrical engineering department …


My Favorite Class: Senior Design Lab

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Hey guys! This week I wanted to share with everyone my favorite class of the semester: Senior Design Lab. This is sort of the capstone class for mechanical engineers (and other engineers as well). It incorporates all of the knowledge you’ve gained over the past 6 semesters and puts them to use in an original idea that you have one …


Fall Job Hunting as a Senior!

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Hey Everyone! Job hunting for this semester has begun! It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, but fortunately, Viterbi provides a lot of great resources for engineers looking for summer internships, co-ops, and full time offers. And while I’ve been accepted into the Engineering Management Masters Program for next year, I’ll still be avidly looking for internships or full …

Summer Update!

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Hey Everyone! Hope everyone’s summers are going well! Mine has been awesome so far. Research is progressing, I’m getting prepared for next year’s classes, and I’m taking the extra time I have to continue to explore LA and take up surfing! As for the research, I’m currently in the process of making this:   It’s a mechanical woodpecker simulator which, …

USC Students at the Hyundai Factory

My Summer So Far!

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Hey everyone! So we’re a few weeks into summer, and it’s already been an eventful one! I just got back a couple weeks ago from Korea, where I was finishing up the iPodia class (a global innovation class we can take with students from 4 other universities- PKU in China, KAIST in Korea, Aachen in Germany, and Technion in Israel). …


My Summer Plans!

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Hard to believe, but this semester is almost over! It feels like Junior year just started, and pretty soon it’s going to be my final year at USC (cue sad violin music). But before senior year starts I have the summer to worry about! After weighing my options for summer internships and job opportunities I decided to accept my research …


USC in a Word: Diverse

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USC is many things, but I think the thing it encompasses most is diversity. And while USC is diverse with respect to bringing in students internationally (there’s a building on campus- VKC, which has a flag from different nations who send at least 2 students to USC), it’s also diverse in student interests. At USC, it’s not the students individually …


A much needed calm in the storm!

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Hey everyone! After last week’s midterm bonanza, I’m super ready for a break, and fortunately, this week is (sort of) going to provide that! No midterms this week at all! In mechoptronics, we’re currently using LabView to create VI’s to run our experiments which we proposed last week. Hopefully our proposal gets accepted so we can start studying the thermal …


Viterbi Ball and Midterm Season

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It’s that time of the semester again! Midterm season! I had one midterm in a GE last week which wasn’t too bad, but this week I have thermodynamics, mechoptronics, and stress analysis midterms over two days. Needless to say, it’s going to be a long week! It will just make next weekend that much sweeter though. And despite this week …


My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

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Hey everyone! So in the theme of this week, I’m going to talk a little bit about the dorm building I lived in freshman year: Birnkrant residence hall. Birnkrant’s motto “8 floors of open doors”, was what originally attracted me to the building. Plus, I had heard it was right above USC’s 24 hour convenience store Trojan Grounds (now “Starbucks …