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Design Teams

are a great opportunity to get hands-on experience, explore a passion, and apply what you’re learning in the classroom. Completely student run, design teams allow students to transform their creative ideas into something great.

Explore some of the student organizations

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3D4E is committed to realizing the ideas of individuals and creating tangible dreams of them through application of 3D printing, modeling, and building. 3D4E solves the problem of interdisciplinary collaboration through focused projects.
The AeroDesign Team works to design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio controlled aircraft in the annual AIAA/Cessna/Raytheon Design Build Fly competition.
Design for America at USC applies design thinking to social issues within the local community. DFA at USC is a community of problem-solvers, artists, do-gooders, and team players striving to create impact and improve the world around them. Engineers working alongside journalists and business strategists and artists – with a foundation in interdisciplinary collaboration.
Hyperloop at USC is USC’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition team. Hyperloop at USC aims to bring about a new era of fast and sustainable transportation by developing Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept and sharing its design with the world.
MEGA is a student run organization which strives to promote and facilitate the art of game creation within the University of Southern California. We are a community of students from many disciplines who meet at open weekly meetings, in which members share information on current projects, discuss relevant news, and host guest speakers from all corners of the industry.
The focus of USCAR is to develop and expand the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry while competing in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC). We design and build a commercial-grade, autonomous quadcopter, capable of performing demanding tasks in undefined environments.
AUV is committed to the design, construction, and control of a fully functional autonomous underwater vehicle. Our undergraduate student design team participates annually in the International Robosub Competition, which challenges top universities from around the world to create and program autonomous underwater vehicles capable of completing a variable series of tasks. USC AUV is a student-run organization with software, electrical, mechanical and administrative subteams.
The purpose of HPDT is to design and create a human powered vehicle to be entered into the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (ASME HPVC).
The USC Formula SAE team is an entirely student-run organization that designs, constructs, tests, & races high performance autocross racecars. The team is composed of both undergraduate and graduate students and is open to any major. We have members from all disciplines, material science, physics, business and cinema.
The USC Rocket Propulsion Lab is a group of largely undergraduate students ardently focused on pushing the state-of-the-art in rocket propulsion technology. Armed with determination and the goal of putting a scratch-built rocket into space, the students associated with this group spend their free time designing, building, and testing experimental rocketry and propulsion hardware both in the lab and at their Mojave test and launch site.
USC Solar Car strives to build and complete a solar powered car in various competitions around the world, promoting interdsciplinary education through cutting-edge, environmentally friendly engineering and entrepreneurial business needs. As a multifaceted team, SC/SC will be a joint project with students from, but not limited to the Marshall School of Business and the Viterbi School of Engineering combining aspects of management, science, and engineering.
USC SIGGRAPH promotes the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques in an academically-driven community. We aim to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a community in which they can expose themselves to the creative and computational aspects of whatever it is they aspire to achieve during their careers as students and later during their careers in the workforce.

As a member of 3D4E I’ve been able to gain hands-on technical experience by using 3D printing technology to design and prototype devices to address healthcare issues.Alex, Biomedical Engineering '18

Listen to what our design teams are up to

The USC Solar Car team is one of Viterbi’s student-run design teams, and their goal is to create a fully functional solar car to enter into the 2017 World Solar Challenge. Listen to learn more about the design process, industry connections, and their plan for the week long cross-continental solar car race.

Paul and Kelly sit down with Ian, Jason, and Anchal who are the leaders of the USC Racing team. They spend all year designing, constructing, testing, and racing a high performance race car! We discuss the different sub teams, what the competition is like, their favorite cars, and some restaurants around LA.

In Episode 39 Paul and Alex learn more about LavaLab, USC’s student-run incubator, from Drake and Aneesha. LavaLab teaches their members how to apply the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation to make their product ideas come to life, and provides tons of resources and guidance along the way.

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