Trojan Spirit

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National Championships

There’s plenty to be spirited about, and one reason is our athletics program. USC’s 125 national championships make it one of the most decorated programs in the country.

Students from

When we say the Trojan Family is big, we mean it’s global. No matter where you go in this world, you’re bound to find someone who shares your Trojan Spirit. And it’s only getting bigger.

Football traditions to know

You haven’t experienced school spirit until you’ve been to USC on game day. The camaraderie and excitement you feel with your fellow Trojans are like no other. Begin learning some Trojan customs now so you’re be ready come game day!


Welcome to the Trojan Family. Our spirit goes beyond football games and lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re on campus or off or in another state or country, the Trojan network is with you.

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It’s hard NOT to be proud of Viterbi when it’s creating new and exciting things every year.


2Chainz, Portugal. The Man, Walk the Moon, Post Malone, Katy Perry… who’s next?

Spirit of Troy

Not many bands can say they have their own album, have played with Beyonce, or have recorded a song with Fleetwood Mac. Ours can. You can always count on the Spirit of Troy to add some spirit to your day.