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Los Angeles is a very unique place where you can find something interesting in every part of town. A big reason why I chose USC over my other choices was the fact that LA offers so many fun things to do like going to concerts, having dinner with friends and of course the various beaches throughout the area. LA offered everything that I wanted in a city that Baltimore, Maryland  (my hometown) could not offer.

When it came to music and concerts, LA and New York city are the centers of upcoming music. Music has always been a big part in my life and moving to LA has allowed me to not only listen to new music, but also see these various artists at concerts. Last weekend, I went to a major festival in LA called Camp Flog Gnaw that allowed me to see various artists like Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Internet and many more. In baltimore, only the major tours come through the area, but in LA every artists that is having a tour comes through the LA area to perform. Since I have moved to LA, I have been able to attend so many more concerts and introduce myself to so many different kinds of music. I have been to concerts for Kanye West, J. Cole, Cashmere Cat, Underachievers and so many others. Music is only one facet of what LA has to offer to its citizens.

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Outside of music, I really enjoy to try and taste a lot of different foods. Growing up with parents who can cook, but also love to try new foods, I have an innate desire to try new foods and eat at so many different places. LA offers so many different varieties of foods like sushi, ramen, Korean BBQ, Italian, german sausages, and of course burgers (my favorite). They also have various dessert options like apple pie, macaroons, cookies, frozen yogurt and so many others. I feel as though every week I am going to different places like Kazunori (Sushi), Daikokuya (Ramen), Road to Seoul (KBBQ) and Pie Hole (Pie Duh). I think of myself as an avid food taster, but even I haven’t been able to try everything that LA has too offer.   When I got here, I thought that I had tried so many different foods, but after these three years, I have expanded my horizon and feel as though I have to keep increasing my list.

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LA offers so many different kinds of fun: music, beaches, food and things like go-carting or laser tag. I would never change my choice due to the fact that I have been able to experience so many different things that not many other cities could allow me to offer. The weather, music and food are only three things that helped me make my decision, but those three things has opened my eyes to so many other things. USC has its own culture and LA only adds onto its diverse image.





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