Plans for the Future

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Plans for the Future. As of now, thats all they are. As a sophomore, there are only so many opportunities out there as an engineer since most companies are looking for Juniors or Seniors. I am not saying that their aren’t any opportunities, but as a sophomore engineer, you will be starting your major specific engineering classes, and there is only so much time in the day. I have said in earlier blogs that if you want anything you simply have to work hard to achieve it and internships/jobs are very similar. Right now, I am going through the process of finding an internship by going to as many petroleum related info sessions or seminars. While I don’t have much of a strategy, working hard and putting in the time and effort has never lead me wrong. Luckily, I already planned for the future by finding myself a summer research position. Professor Lee, one of my freshmen professors, helped me by offering the position if I was unable to find a internship.

Outside of sophomore year, I have developed a rough outline for the next couple years of my life. I plan on getting internships or doing research for the rest of the summers that I am in college which will hopefully set me up with a job out of college. I plan to work in the oil and energy industry until I have made enough money to start a life, pay college loans and developed some experience. After a few years of working in the industry, I plan to go to grad school hopefully at either Stanford or UPenn to get my MBA. Hopefully Stanford I can’t leave this California weather. I am thinking about focusing more on finance, but still have not planned that far. Developing a rough plan is never a bad idea; you don’t always have to stick with it because you could change at any minute, but having a vision and reaching for that vision will always put you in a better position. You can never predict the future, but giving yourself direction will always help you reach your goals and dreams that you have created for yourself.


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