NSBE is a national organization and one of the largest engineering organizations in the country.FYI, you do not need to be a minority student to join NSBE, you don’t even have to be African American.  The purpose of the club is to facilitate members at their individual schools and then help them professionally on a national level. Every year NSBE host a national convention where there are workshops, members from across the country and any company you can really think of attends in the attempt to recruit minority students. I will be attending the convention this year which is located in Boston. On top of simply just having workshops, they have performances by various artists like B.O.B or Eric Bellinger. NSBE is a very professional organization that puts on events every week and tries to recruit new students every year. Professionally-wise the organization is great and so is the social aspect.



The organization has opened my eyes to many different parts of campus and even allowed me to make some great new friends. NSBE is always referred to as a family and once you become apart of it, you definitely can feel everyone’s support. We spend a significant amount of time with each whether that be during a meeting, a study session or simply hanging out each other’s apartments. Every week we attend some kind of event; last week we went bowling with the entire club and another week, we went hiking.  Most organizations will provide the professionalism, but many will not be able to provide you with that family feel. NSBE  gets a check on both ends. NSBE is a club that is know for “what you put in, is what you get out”; if you put in your extra time and work, then you will only gain the respect of your fellow members and be recognized for your hard work.

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