It never hurts to start early!

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College is a lot about having fun and being able to experience the freedom to explore yourself as well as the area you are located during college. Throughout college, you will have some of the most fun you will ever have in your life and it is important to embrace your youth. On the other end of the spectrum, you must be willing to buckle down and begin to plan your professional career. It is never too early to start and you will thank yourself if you find your dream company early on in college. I didn’t start my Freshmen year since I wanted to enjoy my first summer after college, but I also was scheduled for shoulder surgery after a wrestling accident from high school. Looking back now, it is always good practice to start as early as possible and you might even be the lucky Freshmen to land an awesome internship. I started looking for internships my Sophomore year. I was lucky enough to land an internship program with Schlumberger, an oil services company that took me to Midland, Texas. It was great experience being able to travel to Texas and learn more about my previous dreams of working in the oil industry. Internships allow you to truly discover your passion and learn more about a company in case you want to return there the next year. At the end of the day, when you come to college, begin researching companies that you would to work for and start meeting the people that work there. It is never too early to start searching and you will thank yourself if you have the privilege to go into senior year with at least one job offer on lock. Start early, so you can breeze through senior year and truly enjoy your final year on campus.

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