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Throughout your life, whether it be a regular day job at a gym, applying to college or looking for a professional job, you will have to go through various interviews. While some people find that interviewing is one of their strengths, many people see it as a nervous experience that they rather avoid, but today ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to give you a little help for those future interviews. Interviewing is a process where the interviewer simply wants to get to know you and see how you react to having to respond on the spot. The first tip and probably the most important tip to being successful in this process is simply answering questions honestly and how you normally would. I like to pretend that each interview is simply another conversation you would have with people you just met. While some people attempt to put on a different persona, doing just that will ultimately come to bite you in bite because first, you’re pretending to be something you’re not and will have to maintain that persona, second its a lot harder to pretend to be someone else so just be yourself. The next thing is when you answer questions make sure you explain yourself. Many questions are opinion questions and just because the interviewer might not agree with initial opinion, they might agree with your thought process. Also, when they ask for personal experiences, make sure you give a full story, giving them examples and explaining the overall message of the story. If its more technical than behavioral, make sure that you prepare yourself by researching relevant topics and be prepared to answering situational questions. Interviewing is a very universal job process that can be easy as you want to make it just make sure you are yourself, you’re prepared, you have high energy and have fun.



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