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Going through the college process is stressful for each and every person. It’s the start of your professional career and no one wants to get off to a bad start. Theres a lot of things that go into getting your acceptance: SAT, ACT, GPA, essays, extracurriculars.  As a VSA, I am expecting a good amount of questions like “What did you do to get into here? How many AP classes did you take? What were your board scores?” While their are various answers for each of these questions, there is a solution to the college process that will take you farther than simply getting into a great school. Many people worry about each section of the college process and become caught up by the idea of not being good enough or simply not being able to succeed. What I have learned from going through the college process and being an competitive athlete is that when you focus more on the negative, it becomes a reality. The solution to all your college troubles is a basic idea that you were taught as a child yet, many adults have found it so complicated. Dedication is underestimated yet, it is the single thing that got every billionaire, all-star athlete and top tier student where they are today. As you take that calculus test or walk out the ACT test room, don’t think about how many ways you can mess up, but focus on giving everything your best effort and how you’re going to prepare next time you are faced with a similar test. Junior and Senior year were very similar in that every night during the week was a struggle. During fall and winter, I lived the life of a student athlete that also had a job. Every day was the same; school from 7-2, then cross country or wrestling practice from 3-5, then work from 6-10 and last but not least, homework until I was done. High school was filled with tired nights that sometimes lasted until the sun came up. I visualized my future of getting into USC and didn’t go to sleep until everything was done. Being tired and getting sleep wasn’t a thing that crossed my mine because I knew that with my best effort, I would get my acceptance letter from USC. So on those late week days, when you’re backpack is full of textbooks from each class and you have homework in each of them, don’t think about how much sleep you’re not going to get or how much homework you have, think about how you won’t stop until every bit is finish, so that, when you submit you application, you can say “I gave it everything.”

BTW we were in first and second in that race, we also finished that way


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